Adhesive Coating & Lamination

Adhesive Coating & Lamination

Our two coating lines layer various acrylic and rubber based adhesive systems directly onto coated release liners or film carriers. Our adhesive formulations are proprietary to J&T and can be customized for specific applications.

Our laminating capabilities are extensive, beginning with the 14 different pieces of equipment we operate. Each machine is capable of bonding various materials together through a wide array of techniques. Whether you require an adhesive on one side, both sides or multiple materials bonded together, you can count on J&T to get it right. Our lamination techniques include:

  • Flame
  • Direct Heat (Heat Assist)
  • Flatbed
  • Roll to Roll

An automated process that uses hot melt adhesive systems to combine two or more substrates. Dry adhesives require heat reactivation and pressure for optimal bond. Dry adhesives come in web and film roll formats.

The automated process of joining adhesives to substrates with pressure and heat.

An automated process where foam is passed through banks of heated elements, creating the molten layer of 'foam adhesive' required when fusing layers of foam, textile and film together.


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