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Jacobs & Thompson is a fully integrated foam parts supplier, coating our own unique blend of acrylic and rubber based pressure sensitive adhesives. We also carry a wide variety of international pressure sensitive adhesives in our inventory that can match your project specifications. We will find the right adhesive, carrier and liner to meet your criteria.

J&T provides unmatched adhesive technical support through our onsite A2LA Accredited laboratory and our on-staff adhesive chemist. Our years of custom adhesive coating and laminating 'know-how' ensures you have that extra layer of comfort should an issue arise. We test, suggest, resolve and improve the bond performance between materials and to the clients’ substrate quickly and effectively.

Our inventory also includes hot melt web and film adhesive required in various lamination applications for textile and foam goods. Below you will find our full adhesive product line-up:


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Jacobs & Thompson is one of the only foam fabricators in North America producing their own unique blend of adhesive systems. Our coating lines are set up for large and small minimum runs.

This approach complements our clients’ requirements and provides the flexibility needed when choosing your adhesive needs.

Our adhesive chemists can develop a single-sided or supported adhesive system to exceed your needs. Adhesives can make or break any project.

That’s why we make our own.

3M™ Automotive Acrylic Attachment Tapes

Jacobs & Thompson is a custom parts manufacturer of 3M™ Automotive Acrylic Attachment Tapes, which are used in a wide variety of applications requiring extreme bond and viscoelasticity.

3M™ Acrylic Attachment Tapes are OEM approved and are stronger, higher performing, higher stress handling products than other automotive attachment tapes.

Typical applications include body side moldings, rocker panel moldings, claddings, wheel flares, bumper trim and other exterior and interior automotive trim attachments.


  • Overall cost improvements on production assembly
  • Removes oxidization and noise concerns related to manual fasteners
  • Superior adhesion build rate to automotive substrates
  • More conformable core gives excellent wet-out (tape contact)
  • Black, high-strength core maintains a thin, consistent bond line
  • Easy liner release for faster run rates

3M™ VHB™ Acrylic Attachment Tapes

3M™ VHB™ Tape is a high strength, double-sided acrylic adhesive tape. The pressure-sensitive (PSA) creates an instant bond without any drying time required.

The polymer of 3M™ VHB™ Tape is comprised of carbon-carbon chemical bonds that are highly resistant to energy. With less durable foams, exposure to heat, UV rays or chemicals can cause mechanical properties to breakdown.

With 3M™ VHB™ Tapes, the materials actually build strength over time, providing stronger, long lasting bonds. 3M™ VHB™ tapes commonly replace manual fasteners in a wide variety of applications.


  • High shear and tensile strength properties
  • Overall cost improvements on production assembly
  • Wide Temperature Range (-31°F to 320°F - short term 464°F)
  • Designed for outdoor use (UV, Solvent, Wind and Water Resistant)
  • Provides damping properties to reduce noise and vibration

In conjunction with accredited independently certified labs, our in-house testing facility is a vital component in ensuring customer, industry & market standards are being surpassed.


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