Product Description

Our X7 adhesive consists of a 0.5 mil PET film coated on both sides with 2.0 mils aggressive, rubber-based adhesive.

Technical Data

Physical Properties Typical Value Test Method
Loop Tack (lbs/ 12.0 PSTC-16
180° Peel Adhesion (lbs/in) 12 PSTC-101
Shear, 1000g/sq in @ 72°F
Shear, 5 lbs/sq in @ 72°F
500+ hrs
200+ hrs
Thickness, total
– Exposed side
– Carrier
– Liner side
– Liner thickness
8.0 mils
– 2.0 mils
– 0.5 mils
– 2.0 mils
– 3.5 mils
Application temperature Above 50°F
End use temperature 0°F to 180°F
Chemical Resistance Resistance to water, detergent and alcohol.
Not recommended for use in contact with aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons
Shelf Life Two years