3M™ Attachment Tapes

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Product Description

Jacobs & Thompson is a prime converter of 3M Automotive Attachment Tapes. Talk to use about your custom application. We work closely with our customers engineering teams to ensure an optimal peel and release system is designed into their parts. We can supply your attachment tapes in either slit roll formats or custom die cut profiles, utilizing a dry edge or peel tab lead.

3M™ Attachment Tape quickly and securely attaches automotive body moldings, emblems, nameplates, trim and LED lights to exterior surfaces of vehicles. This double-sided tape with high performance adhesive creates a secure bond that withstands the vibration of a moving vehicle and weather exposure to sleet, rain and snow. Unlike screws, rivets or clips, 3M™ Attachment Tapes do not require drilling or piercing into sheet metal, which can lead to rust and corrosion. This product can also help to reduce unwanted noise and vibrations on or around the vehicle by deadening the sound that vibrates through the vehicles metal and aluminum components.