When comparing acrylic and rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs), understanding their unique characteristics can make all the difference in choosing the right PSA type for the job. To assist you in determining the right adhesive, here is a quick guideline focusing on the different characteristics of these two adhesives: 


Durability and Versatility: Acrylic PSAs showcase exceptional durability, resisting weathering and UV rays, while adhering seamlessly to various surfaces including plastics and metals. Additionally, Acrylic PSAs maintain adhesive properties across a wide temperature range and excel in outdoor environments, while rubber PSAs are well-suited for low-temperature applications where chemical, temperature and UV resistance are not a concern. 


Immediate Adhesion and Flexibility: Rubber adhesives provide a high initial tack and flexibility. They are soft and adaptable, making them perfect for irregular surfaces and situations requiring immediate adhesion. Acrylic based adhesives are designed for long term bonding applications where the initial bond is lower but will strengthen over time. It takes about 24 hours for an acrylic-based adhesive to completely bond to a surface.

J&T has a wide range of acrylic and rubber-based PSAs in stock. Not sure which one to get? Give us a call today! 



 Rubber Acrylic 
Durability Low Hight 
Initial bond High Low (increases over time) 
Longevity Low High 
Flexibility High Low