Did you know J&T can slit the material to custom width and length?

We operate multiple lathe and rewind slitters across North America to provide custom solutions for your unique applications We can slit various materials to precise width and length including foam, adhesive tape, textile, rubber, vinyl, and nonwovens in roll format.

Lathe slitter (baloney slitter)  

Lathe slitter uses a single or double blade to cut through the log. The blade(s) is mounted on a carriage that travels along the length of the roll and cuts through the material, creating a continuous slit. Lathe slitter is typically used for low-volume production or for custom slitting applications. They are also relatively inexpensive, making them a good option for smaller projects.

Rewind slitter

A Rewind slitter uses a series of blades to cut the material into narrower rolls. The blades are spaced to the desired width of the narrower rolls. The log of material is fed into the rewind slitter and the blades cut it into narrower rolls. The narrower rolls are then rewound onto separate spools. Rewind slitters are typically much faster and more efficient than lathe slitters, making them a good option for high-volume production.

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FeatureLathe SlitterRewind Slitter
Machine TypeManualAutomated
CostLess ExpensiveMore Expensive
ApplicationsLow-volume custom slittingHigh-volume production