Our flame lamination is a process used to bond different materials together to create composite materials for various applications. Flexible foams are passed over an open flame, creating a thin, tacky adhesive layer on the surface. Secondary materials, such as nonwovens, knit fabrics, or foam are introduced to the melted foam surface. These combined materials pass through a set of pressure rollers, creating a strong bond between layers. 

Flame lamination is often chosen for Flexible foam materials because: 

  • Strong and consistent bond that can be used in various industries, including automotive, furniture, apparel, and packaging. 
  • No adhesive residue that could gum up the cutting equipment.  
  • Quicker cure time and lower costs when compared to adhesive 
  • More environmentally friendly compared to adhesive. Some adhesives may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or require solvents for application and cleanup. 

It is important to note that the choice between flame lamination and other lamination methods depends on the specific materials, application requirements, and manufacturing processes.  

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