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Level Wound Spooling

Spooling is the process of winding material in a spiral manner around a central core. This automated process transforms laminated materials from a master roll to trimmed spools of custom length. Spooled rolls are significantly longer than standard slit rolls, which reduces material changeover and increases overall production efficiency. The spooled rolls are suitable for automated robotic processes and continuous production volumes.

J&T has been providing level wound spooling service on a wide variety of materials for over a decade. It offers several benefits including:

  • Ease of material handling: Neatly wound spools are easier to handle and transport.
  • Increase production efficiency: Level wound spooling allows for faster and more efficient production processes.
  • Enhanced dispensing: When unwinding from a level wound spool, the material is fed smoothly and evenly, reducing the chances of snags or jams during automated processes.

J&T operates 2 spooling lines in 2 different facilities in North America. To learn more about our spooling service and the wide range of materials we offer, contact us today!

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