The Jacobs & Thompson Group – Foam Converting

J&T has built strategic partnerships with the top foam producers throughout North America. Our list of foam products is the most diverse in the industry due to the number of markets we serve. Our “Lean” principles and our custom Kanban Inventory system is specifically designed for servicing our clients. This means we have what you need, when you need it.

Why settle for industry standard roll sizes? Maximize your capabilities with our looped skiving process. J&T operates the industries largest piece of splitting equipment at 86" wide. Our state-of-the-art F&K Loop splitters skive custom roll thicknesses and lengths unique to your equipment, application and customer demands. Longer rolls result in lower costs, faster speeds and improved sales dollars per hours worked.

The cost advantages are clear

Lower freight costs.
Less material handling.
Less roll changeovers during lamination.
Less roll changeovers during slitting.
Less roll changeovers during die cutting.
Faster throughput.
Improved service times and customer retention.

Find out why our customers prefer J&T.


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