The Jacobs & Thompson Group – Frequently Asked Questions – J & T

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1. Does J&T actually make foam?
We do not manufacture foam. We fabricate, laminate and convert foam into various formats and finished designs for our clients. There are only a handful of foam producers in North America that supply the fabricator and consumer base markets. Most producers specialize in only a couple of foam types.
2. Is J&T ISO certified?
Yes, J&T is certified to the latest ISO 9001-2008 standard.
3. Is J&T C-TPAT certified?
J&T first became C-TPAT compliant in 2006
4. Is J&T EDI ready?
Yes we are. We use a 3rd party company.
5. Does J&T have a U.S. location?
Yes. We operate a production facility in Wurtland, KY dedicated to U.S. foam fabrication customers. 
6. Does J&T have a structured Health & Safety policy?
Yes we do. A copy can be provided upon request.
7. Does J&T have an engineering department?
Yes, we have a full time engineering team at your disposal
8. Is J&T certified under ITAR (Controlled Goods Directorate)?
9. Will J&T process materials supplied by the customer?
Yes we will. Proper R&D and prototype sign off is required before production begins. Please go to our Legal page for more details
10. Are customers limited to the material choices on “the foam wheel”?
No. We have multiple material choices of foams and textile. The foam wheel, designed for the automotive industry, can only hold a certain number of sample pieces and technical information.
11. Does J&T make their own cutting tools?
No we do not. We use outside tooling suppliers. 
12.Is J&T's Laboratory A2LA Accredited?
Yes. Download our lab scope and certificate on our Technical Resources / J&T documents page.