The Jacobs & Thompson Group Environment

An Environmentally Conscience Company
Our Vision
Jacobs & Thompson is always working hard to be a “Green” fabrication partner. Being a responsible corporate citizen has been a top priority when designing our waste recycling programs and our various energy conservation plans. J&T has enrolled in regional and provincial energy conservation initiatives, including our recent partnership in the BOMA Energy and Conservation
and Demand Program

Energy Efficiency Retrofit Programs

In 2010, Jacobs & Thompson completed a series of heat reclamation and retrofit projects at its Toronto facility. This included redirecting warm exhaust air from our compressor and chiller units back into our facility using an in-line fan system.
A block wall of our facility was insulated using a Roxul mineral wool with a metalized foil surface, providing an R-8 insulation value
 Jacobs & Thompson also implemented a lighting retrofit at its Toronto facility, inside and outside of the plant.  Our 416 T-12 fixtures were replaced with 165 T-8 and light reflective PL Type fixtures.
REACH Compliance
 Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances
J&T continues to insist that our supply partners comply and support the European REACH legislation. REACH compliance is vital to our clients, ensuring all raw materials can be traced back to their origin.